Advanced Module Manager comes packed with a multitude of different condition rules and options that you can apply to each module. This way you can make a module show or not based on pretty much anything.

Conditions System

Combining Condition Rules

Advanced Module Manager features a very flexible Conditions system that you can use to determine if a module should show or not on specific pages or situations.

This Conditions system replaces the default "Menu Assignments" that comes with Joomla core, extending it to Categories, Dates, Users, Devices, Geolocation, Components, Templates, URLs, and much more, giving you full control over your Joomla modules.

You can create re-usable Conditions Sets that can be shared by multiple modules, and even across different Regular Labs extensions like ReReplacer, Content Templater (not available for Joomla 4 yet), and Conditional Content (not available for Joomla 4 yet).

When editing a module's Conditions, you can decide to Edit the current Condition Set for the current module or for all modules that use the same Condition Set. You can also select another existing Condition Set to connect to the module.

Rules & Groups

Each Condition Set is made up of one or more Groups and Rules. This makes it incredibly flexible and versatile.

You can select your desired rules via a dropdown menu, adding more via the + Add Rule button, or removing existing ones via the - button.

You can use the same Rule type more than once, and you have the ability to combine different Matching Methods (AND/OR) by putting rules into Groups.

When you have more than one Rule in a Group, you will see a Matching Method inside that Group. And if you have more than one Group, you will also see a Matching Method at the top.

Condition Summary

When selecting rules in a Condition Set, a nice Summary will be displayed on the right, showing you a recap of where the module will appear on the site.

If no Condition Set is selected for a module, or if a Condition Set has no rules, the module will be shown on all pages of your website (that include the module position). As soon as you set one or more of the rules to Include or Exclude, the module will be limited to the pages/situations matching those rules.

Matching Method

You can of course use and combine any of the available rules.

To control how multiple rules are applied, there is a Matching Method option. This determines whether all or any of the rules need to be matched:

  • ALL: Will be published if ALL of the selected rules are matched at the same time.
  • ANY: Will be published if ANY (one or more) of the selected rules are matched at any time.

Note: When setting multiple rules to Exclude, the Matching Method should be set to ALL. Otherwise, using ANY would result in one Exclude condition to always match and the module to show everywhere else.

You can also combine and use different Matching Methods by adding multiple Groups of rules: you can set a global Matching Method for the groups, and an individual Matching Method for the rules in each group.

Rules States

Matching Method: Include
Matching Method: Exclude

When selecting a rule, you can give it two possible states/options:

  • Include: the module will be included in all pages that do match that rule
  • Exclude: the module will be included in all pages that do not match that rule

Conditions Manager

Advanced Module Manager also installs the Regular Labs - Conditions manager component, which stores all the Conditions you connect to modules or other Regular Labs extensions.

From the Conditions Managers, you can view at a glance all the modules or items where you use each Condition across the Regular Labs extensions

You can also edit the Conditions from this view, with the ability to add a description to them and group them into categories as well.

J4 Conditions vs. J3 Assignments

Compared to the Joomla 3 version of Advanced Module Manager, where you had to individually select assignments for each module, in Joomla 4 you can now create re-usable Conditions Sets that can be shared by multiple modules, and even across different Regular Labs extensions like ReReplacer, Content Templater, and Conditional Content.

This means that the old Same as other module option that was present in Joomla 3 is now obsolete, as now you are able to create and map preset conditions across multiple modules. And if you want a module to show up on all pages opposite to a certain Condition, you can now use the rule "Other Condition Set", select the desired Condition, and mark it as Exclude.