As you know, with the module manager you determine where a module appears on your site based on certain rules or conditions.

But sometimes you may find yourself wanting to exclude certain modules (eg. all the ones in the Sidebar position) from a specific page. That would mean having to go into the settings of each module and excluding them from that page one by one.

Well, not anymore! The Pro version of Advanced Module Manager gives you the possibility to directly remove individual modules or a complete module position from a page.

This is simply done by placing a {remove-modules} tag anywhere inside that page, for example inside the content editor of an article or a category description.

Remove Module Positions

You can completely remove one or more module positions from a page with a positions attribute and the name of the position:

{remove-modules positions="position-7"}

Remove Single Modules

Similarly, to remove one or more single modules, you indicate with a modules attribute which module to hide. You can use either the title or id of the module:

{remove-modules modules="Module A, Module B"}
{remove-modules modules="123,124"}

You can even remove all modules of a certain type by indicating the type of the module prefixed with mod_:

{remove-modules modules="mod_custom"}

Combining Positions & Modules

You can also combine both positions and modules in one single tag when wanting to remove multiple positions and modules from one page:

{remove-modules modules="Module A, Module B" positions="position-7,position-3"}

Note: Using this tag will remove the module or module position if it would otherwise show on the page, regardless of the module settings.