You can output a Read More button that links to the full view of your article by using the [readmore] tag.


Custom Text

When showing the read more link, you can also override the standard Read more... text. For example, if you want the text Please read on! to link to the article:

[readmore text="Please read on!"]

Add Title J4

If you want to also show the title of your article inside the Read More button, you can do:

[readmore add-title="true"]

The add-title setting defaults to the "Add Title to Read More" found in the Articles Anywhere system plugin settings.

Alternatively, you can also use the custom text format seen above, and adding the %title% variable in it:

[readmore text="Read More: %title%"]

Adding or overriding attributes

You can override any attributes or set extra attributes to be used in the final <a> tag in any link data tag that generates one.

For example, the readmore link gets the default readmore class name. If you want to override that, you can do:

[readmore text="Please read on!" class="my-own-class"]

Or if you only want to override the class (and not the text):

[readmore class="my-own-class"]

Alternative Layout J4

Articles Anywhere also allows you to set a different layout for the Read More button.

The default layout used to render it is located at this path:


You can use this default file as your starting base, copy this file to templates/[my template]/html/layouts/joomla/content/my-readmore-layout.php, and edit the code to meet your needs.

Now, in the data tag, you can set to use the alternative layout by inserting the path to your file starting from the layouts folder of your template. The subdirectories must be separated with dots:

[readmore layout=""]