Articles Anywhere really means articles... from anywhere! With the Joomla 4 version of Articles Anywhere, you can now get articles even from another Joomla site / database.

In the "Advanced" section of the Articles Anywhere system plugin settings you can set up as many external Databases as you want.

To add an external Database, you need to give it an identifying "name" for Articles Anywhere, and then enter the various database information: type, host, username, password, db name and table prefix.

You can also enter the "Domain" the database is pulling the articles from. This is helpful to make URLs and image tags point to the correct domain.

You can then tell the {articles} tag to pull articles from the external database / site, by using the attribute database="...", where the value is the name that you set in the Database settings explained above.

{articles category="Cats" tags="Hairy" database="My External Database"}...{/articles}

This extends the possibilities even further, allowing you to even handle multi-site installations and output articles from multiple sites!