This is the documentation for the Joomla 4 & 5 version of Better Frontend Link.
There is no Joomla 3 version of Better Frontend Link.
However you can use Better Preview for Joomla 3.

Better Frontend Link is a Joomla! Administrator module that makes it easy for you to quickly link to the frontend version of the page you are working on.

Better Frontend Link changes the way the "Frontend" link in your administrator works.

When using Better Frontend Link clicking on that link will show a dropdown menu, displaying:

  • The frontend equivalent of the page you're editing (article, category...).
  • Any parent pages of the current item, such as the parent category pages of the article.
  • The Homepage.

Clicking on only of these will open up that frontend link.

If you just want to quickly open up the current item in the frontend, and you want to skip the dropdown, you can CTRL+click (or +click for Mac) on the main "Frontend" link.