With the Pro version of Content Templater, you can make templates load automatically based on specific conditions, or make them load via URL.

You find these settings in the "Auto Load" tab when creating / editing a Content Template.

Auto Load by Default

By enabling this option, you can set templates to load by default when you create a new article (or other content items).

Under the "Publishing Assignments" tab, you can determine the conditions where or when a template will be automatically loaded. You can choose from an enormous amount of assignment options.

For example, you can limit templates to certain categories. So you can define different default templates for each category, that will automatically load when creating an article in a specific category.

Or, you can create templates only for certain user groups. Or only available during certain seasons. Or only within certain extensions (components). It's completely up to you.

Auto Load by URL

You can also load a template by adding a ctid variable to the URL, like: index.php?option=...&ctid=2

To do this, you will need to enable the Auto Load by URL setting in the template.

The ctid variable corresponds with the id number of the template, which you can see in the List View (last column).

Note: If you load a template via the URL, it will take preference over any template set to load by default