From the DB Replacer component view, in the toolbar on the right, you will see the "Options" button.

When you click on that, you will be directed to the Global Configuration options for DB Replacer.

Here is an overview of the available options. All descriptions are available in the tooltips of the options.


Ignore Tables A comma separated list of table prefixes/names to ignore. Any table that starts with this will not be shown in the results.
Default Table The default database table to select upon pageload. You can use #__ as joomla prefix.
Enter a '-' to disable.
Default Columns A comma separated list of default database columns to select when the default table is selected. These columns must therefore be available in the default table.
Enter a '-' to disable.
Maximum Row Count Maximum Row Count
Options: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000
Show 2nd Warning Select to show a second 'Are you sure' alert before replacing.
Show Update Notification If selected, an update notification will be shown in the main component view when there is a new version for this extension.
Show Copyright If selected, extra copyright info will be displayed in the admin views. Regular Labs extensions never show copyright info or backlinks on the frontend.

User Actions Log

Log User Actions Select to store User Actions. These actions will be visible in the User Actions Log module.


The Joomla permission settings control access to the different actions for each user group. For more information on how these permissions work, see the Joomla docs: Access Control List Tutorial: Component Options & Permission