The Pro version of Quick Index also allows to output an Index from an article wherever you want, not necessarily within the article itself.

This can be very useful to place the Index of an article inside a module (for example in the sidebar position), or even in a completely different page, with the links of the Index automatically pointing to the headings of that article.

The original article needs to have an index (either via an {index} tag or Auto Index), to be able to place its index somewhere else. If your article has an index, you can then show it in any other position you want.

Simply specify the desired article with an article attribute inside the {index} tag. You can insert either the ID or the title of the article that you want to get the Index from, both options will work:

{index article="12"}
{index article="My Article Title"}

Current Article Index

You can also get the Index from the current active article, by simply doing:

{index article="current"}

Note: If the Index for the current article is placed in a module in the same page, the original index in the article will be automatically hidden, to avoid having two identical indexes showing on the same page.

Multiple Indexes

If a certain article has more than one Index in its content, you can even specify which ones you want to grab by using their numbers. For instance, to get only the 2nd and 4th index from an article:

{index article="My Article Title" index="2,4"}