The index will be displayed as an ordered (numbered) list by default.

To override the default setting in the {index} tag, and display an unordered (bulleted) list instead, you can do:

{index ordered="false"}

If in the Plugin Settings you set the default setting to unordered, and you want a specific index to be ordered, you can do the opposite:

{index ordered="true"}

Individual Level PRO

You can also set a different list type for each individual level. You can specify this both in the Default Settings and in the {index} tag, for example by using ordered_2 for Level 2, ordered_3 for Level 3, and so on.

{index ordered_1="true" ordered_2="false" ordered_3="true"}

You can also accomplish the same result with a simpler tag that includes all Levels in a single attribute, by simply listing the types in order inside ordered:

{index ordered="true,false,true"}