When using Dynamic Snippets, you can also use (simple) if-else structures to conditionally output content based on the passed variables.

The if structures tag syntax looks like this:

{if ...}...{elseif ...}...{else}...{/if}

Check if variable passes

The if-check will pass if the variable you are checking against is passed to the snippet and is not empty, false or 0.

For example, to check whether a variable year was passed to the Snippet:

{if year}...{/if}

This allows you to output a piece of text, only if that variable exists:

The company %company% is based in %country%{if year} and was founded in %year%{/if}.
{snippet alias="my-snippet" company="Regular Labs" country="The Netherlands" year="2008"}
The company Regular Labs is based in The Netherlands and was founded in 2008.

Alternative content if variable doesn't pass

If you want to show a different text when the Snippet doesn't have a year variable, you can do:

{if year} and was founded in %year%{else} but we don't know when it was founded{/if}.
{snippet title="Company" company="Irregular Wrecking Yards" country="Belgium"}
The company Irregular Wrecking Yards is based in Belgium but we don't know when it was founded.

To only place-specific content if the variable doesn't exist (meaning it's empty or was not passed), you can also use:

{if !year}...{/if}