This is the documentation for the Joomla 4 & 5 version of Tabs & Accordions.
There is no Joomla 3 version of Tabs & Accordions.
However you can use the 2 extensions Tabs and Sliders for Joomla 3.

Tabs & Accordions for Joomla 4 combines the old version of Tabs and Sliders from Joomla 3, into a completely new extension built from the ground up.

Compared to the J3 counterparts, many of the extra attributes are different or work differently in the J4 version. Also, the HTML output is completely different, so any CSS stylesheets/overrides for Tabs/Sliders will not work on 'Tabs & Accordions' for Joomla 4.

Tabs & Accordions is a Joomla! system plugin that allows you to display content in either tabs or accordions (also known as "sliders" or "collapses").

Tabs & Accordions also comes with an editor button plugin.

With this extension, you can make tabs or accordions (sliders) anywhere in Joomla! - including within articles, inside modules, or even 3rd party components and template overrides.


First Tab

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.


This is an accordion!

This text right here is placed in accordions.

Tabs will automatically convert to Accordion sets on narrow screens. You can set the breakpoint between narrow and wide screens in the settings (default is set to max 576 for narrow screens).

Tabs & Accordions also come with several different themes and color schemes that you can use.