You can make accordions independent by simply making each accordion an own set. This method can be used for stuff like FAQ pages where you want to be able to have multiple accordions open at the same time.

Because the first accordion in a set is opened by default, you should add the open="false" attribute to every accordion if you want them closed when the page displays.

If you have set up the page scrolling in the Accordions system plugin settings, you can add the scroll="false" attribute to stop the page from scrolling to the accordions when you click to open them.

{accordion title="Question 1" open="false" scroll="false"}
Answer 1...
{accordion title="Question 2" open="false" scroll="false"}
Answer 2...
{accordion title="Question 3" open="false" scroll="false"}
Answer 3...

Open/close all accordions

If you want to open or close all the accordions on the page, you can use the available javascript functions openAccordions, closeAccordionsand toggleAccordions.

You can make your own custom links or buttons to trigger these functions. Or call them via some custom javascript. 

<button type="button" class="button-green" onclick="RegularLabs.TabsAccordions.openAccordions()">+ Open All Accordions</button>
<button type="button" class="button-red" onclick="RegularLabs.TabsAccordions.closeAccordions()">- Close All Accordions</button>
<button type="button" class="button-orange" onclick="RegularLabs.TabsAccordions.toggleAccordions()">+/- Toggle All Accordions</button>

To limit the function to just the accordions in a specific section of the page, you can pass the id of the parent element.

<button onclick="RegularLabs.TabsAccordions.openAccordions('section-animals')">
   Open all accordions inside the element with id="section-animals"

Please note that the openAccordions and toggleAccordions functions will only do their thing on the first accordion in the set.

You can also open/close/toggle specific accordions by using giving the title or alias of the accordion to the functions open, close and toggle.

<button onclick="'My Cats')">
Open accordion "My Cats"
</button> <button onclick="RegularLabs.TabsAccordions.close('My Cats')"> Close accordion "My Cats" </button>  <button onclick="RegularLabs.TabsAccordions.toggle('my-cats')"> Toggle accordion "My Cats" </button>